Computer Professionals

Paul Thomas,  Consultant
Paul has had more than 20 years of experience fixing computers.  Known for his exceptional teaching, he has appeared in Who's Who in American Teachers four years running.  He can explain complex ideas clearly, and can stay completely calm in a crisis.  He is a proven  professional serving small and medium business needs.
Paul's Vcard
This QR Code has Paul's contact information.  Scan it with your phone to add him to your telephone address book.

Adam Dohmen, Computer Technician

Adam works patiently with in-home customers to install software and answer questions.  He also can remotely repair your computer. You may hear him practicing some of his original musical compositions as you walk down Main Street in Newburg.

Carol Mayer, Comptroller
        Carol is our organizer, numbers wizard , and authority on all things local. Part of our community, Carol bridges the right and left brain skill sets.  In addition to becoming a master gardener, she is a connoisseur of craft.  Check out her creations. 


Linda Thomas, Iconographer
Linda, a practicing artist for over 20 years, has been studying Iconography in the tradition of the Prosopon School for the over seven years.

Carol Mayer, Apprentice Iconographer
        Carol has many talents. Besides keeping our books, she shares her skills and talents with artistic flair.  She has been painting religious icons for over two years.


Sugar, Rescued Mutt
"Paul was going to call this biz Doggone Computers.  My sentiments exactly.

Come on by, if I'm not busy sleeping in front of the fireplace, I'll get my bark on and send myself directly to time out. "

Santi, Golden Retriever

    " I think everyone should keep their anti-virus up to date, and stay happy. 
        What you may not realize is that anti-viruses vary a lot in quality.  Right now the best ones  are free. 
        Just  come in and ask, and remember pet the dog, it's good for your blood pressure."


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